Reno Streetcar Concept Gaining Traction — Downtown Reno Makeover

By Mike Van Houten

When I first started this blog, one of the first big stories I covered was RTC's long-range plan for South Virginia Street, and the process of converting it into a Transit-Oriented Corridor. Transit-Oriented Development, or TOD for short, has remained a hot topic foryears now. The concept of a TOD centers around creating a transit-rich corridor that promotes (usually) dense development along the corridor where people live, work, shop and play, thus reducing the amount of cars on the road, and instead favoring transit options like RAPID lines, light rail, trolleys, and the like.

Light rail was always in the long range vision of RTC. There was a method to their madness when they built the platform-style RAPID stations along Virginia Street and Center Street. The stations were built to double as light-rail stations when the time came to make the switchover to something with a bit more tourist-appeal and capacity.

The Reno Streetcar Coalition thinks that time is now.

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