Strong ridership a good sign for future of Charlotte's streetcar? — Charlotte Business Journal

By Jen Wilson

Perpetual political controversy and a minor crash in its first days of operating apparently did little damage to the city’s newly opened streetcar, judging by ridership figures released Tuesday by the Charlotte Area Transit System.

Some 1,500 daily riders, on average, climbed aboard the CityLynx Gold Line on weekdays during the last half of July — a figure that is 67% higher than CATS’ projections. And early estimates for August show similar ridership, the transit authority says.

“Exceeding initial ridership projections demonstrates the public’s continued embracement of rail transit and their support for more transportation choices,” said John Muth, interim CEO of CATS.

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Reno Streetcar Coalition Pushes to Add Trolleys — KTVN

By Arianna Bennett

You expect to see those iconic trolley cars on the streets of San Francisco, but now there's a movement to bring them here to Reno.
A portion of Virginia Street is due for a remodel, planned for 2017. And when that project starts, a group of local business owners and politicians are hoping they'll add streetcars to the plan. They say it'll boost tourism, ease traffic and save money in the long run.

"It's also a huge economic engine for development. Anytime that you see streetcars or trolleys that are developed, there's typically anywhere from 16 to 60 times the investment on each side, for three blocks back,” says Blake Smith, Reno Streetcar Coalition Chair.

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Streetcars coming to Reno? — KRNV

By Madison Corney

The Reno Streetcar Coalition is proposing a new project in downtown Reno that would create a transportation system similar to cities like Portland and San Francisco. 

"Every major western city in the United States is developing and incorporating street cars and trolleys into their systems right now,” says Blake Smith, The Reno Streetcar Coalition Chairman.

Reno and Las Vegas aren’t included in that figure yet, but the Biggest Little City in the World could soon join the environmentally friendly transportation club.

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Reno Streetcar Concept Gaining Traction — Downtown Reno Makeover

By Mike Van Houten

When I first started this blog, one of the first big stories I covered was RTC's long-range plan for South Virginia Street, and the process of converting it into a Transit-Oriented Corridor. Transit-Oriented Development, or TOD for short, has remained a hot topic foryears now. The concept of a TOD centers around creating a transit-rich corridor that promotes (usually) dense development along the corridor where people live, work, shop and play, thus reducing the amount of cars on the road, and instead favoring transit options like RAPID lines, light rail, trolleys, and the like.

Light rail was always in the long range vision of RTC. There was a method to their madness when they built the platform-style RAPID stations along Virginia Street and Center Street. The stations were built to double as light-rail stations when the time came to make the switchover to something with a bit more tourist-appeal and capacity.

The Reno Streetcar Coalition thinks that time is now.

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